Is your voice holding you back in your business or career?

Are you a professional voice-user - a teacher, coach, consultant, lecturer, personal trainer, podcaster or trainer? Do you experience any of the following?

  • A weak, quiet voice that struggles to project

  • Vocal fatigue or worse losing your voice regularly

  • Strained or tense voice

  • A dry or tickly throat

  • A croaky or raspy voice


One-time payment of $197 for a lifetime of skills

Transform your speaking voice

This 4-part course is designed to help you access your most powerful, effortless and expressive voice. Each module will include video / audio(s) and pdf handouts to support you.

  • Voice awareness

    Become aware of your voice and what factors contribute to a well-functioning and healthy voice.

  • Voice care

    Learn how to take care of your voice with some simple warm up exercises and practical tips on getting the best from your voice.

  • Optimal speaking pitch

    Discover how to find your optimal speaking pitch and why it's the foundation to a healthy reliable speaking voice.

  • Resonant voice

    Discover how to build and develop your unique resonant voice, so your voice is naturally powerful, rich and effortless.


One-time payment of $197 for a lifetime of skills

Bonus material

When you purchase this course you'll also receive the following supporting materials.

  • Voice Visualisations

    $200 value

    The mind doesn't know the difference between what we imagine and what we experience with our senses. I include two special visualisations - Confident Voice and Authentic Voice. These are powerful tools to support you in speaking with greater confidence, power and impact.

  • Optimal Breathing Video

    $200 value

    Breathing is one of the 3 sub-systems required in voice production. In this video I'll share some specific tools and exercises you can practice to optimise your breathing for public speaking.


One-time payment of $197 for a lifetime of skills


  • Will I lose my accent?

    This course is not about changing your accent but about helping you to access the highest functioning version of your voice. All accents can be optimised and enhanced so they are powerful, clear and expressive.

  • How much time should I invest in this course to get the most benefit?

    The voice responds best to short, focused and consistent practices. I always recommend to clients to choose a similar time each day and commit to a 5-10 mins focused practice. You'll be amazed at how quickly things start to change.

  • Should I practice if I'm sick?

    Complete vocal rest is usually not necessary and the exercises and tools in this course will actually be helpful to support the healthy function of the voice, even when sick. However you are the best judge of your voice and how it feels. Ideally take regular vocal naps throughout the day and avoid any long days of speaking. If in doubt always get checked out by an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Doctor.

  • Am I able to ask you questions during this course?

    This course is designed to be self-paced and for you to work through in your own time. Please do reach out if you have any major concerns with any of the modules. However if you require more personalised guidance for your voice and would be interested in private voice coaching packages, please get in contact.

  • What happens if I change my mind?

    I want you to be completely happy with your purchase and to get enormous value from it. However if you feel it is not right for you, then I have a 7 day money back guarantee.