Do you experience any of the following?

This course has been designed for people with high daily demands on their voice, who don't want a singing lesson!! Perhaps you are a teacher, coach, lecturer or trainer. This is not an exhaustive list, but covers some of the main voice limitations I see.

  • A weak, quiet voice that struggles to project

  • Vocal fatigue or worse losing your voice regularly

  • Strained or tense voice

  • A dry or tickly throat

4-part course to transform your speaking voice

The self-paced modules will cover the following topics.

  • Voice awareness

    Become aware of your voice and what factors contribute to a well-functioning and healthy voice.

  • Voice care

    Learn how to take care of your voice with some simple warm up exercises and practical tips on getting the best from your voice.

  • Optimal speaking pitch

    Discover how to find your optimal speaking pitch and why it's the foundation to a healthy reliable speaking voice.

  • Resonant voice

    Discover how to build and develop your unique resonant voice with some practical tips and exercises.

Is this the right course for you?

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One-time payment of £199 for a lifetime of skills